Miss McGee's Creature Feature

Film Series

Join Highlands Playhouse for an evening of glamour, gore and guffaws in MISS MCGEE'S CREATURE FEATURE. This Halloween, the Playhouse hosts four nights of thrills and chills with four hilarious and spine tingling films from the 80's. This fun night at the movies is part Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and part Mystery Science Theatre 3000 with improvised commentary and trivia by the incomparable queen of comedy, Miss McGee.

Don't miss the horror classics FRIGHT NIGHT (R), GREMLINS (PG),  RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (R) and POLTERGEIST (PG).

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FRIGHT NIGHT -  October 27th

Teenage Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) is a horror-film junkie, so it's no surprise that, when a reclusive new neighbor named Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) moves in next-door, Brewster becomes convinced he is a vampire. It's also no surprise when nobody believes him. However, after strange events begin to occur, Charlie has no choice but to turn to the only person who could possibly help: washed-up television vampire killer/horror host Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall).

This hilarious film from 1985 is definitely the kind of picture audiences can sink their teeth into. (Rated R for adult language/situations, brief nudity, violence)

GREMLINS -  October 28th

A gadget salesman (Hoyt Axton) is looking for a special gift for his son (Zach Galligan) and finds one at a store in Chinatown. The shopkeeper is reluctant to sell him the 'mogwai' but sells it to him with the warning to never expose him to bright light, water, or to feed him after midnight. All of this happens, and the result is a gang of gremlins that decide to tear up the town on Christmas Eve.

Join Gizmo and his little green friends for an evening of laughs and chills. This classic 1980’s gem has spawned countless other films and is referenced in Netflix’s Stranger Things. (Rated PG for adult language/situations and violence)



Brains!!! Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cemetery, those brain-eating zombies are back and hungry for more tasty mortals. A fiendish mix of outrageous humor and heart-stopping terror, The Return of the Living Dead is a veritable smorgasbord of fun (LA Herald-Examiner) filled with skin-crawling jolts, eye-popping visuals and relentless surprises! On his first day on the job at an army surplus store, poor Freddy unwittingly releases nerve gas from a secret U.S. military canister, unleashing an unbelievable terror. The gas re-animates a corps of corpses, who arise from their graves with a ravenous hunger for human brains! And luckily for those carnivorous cadavers, there is a group of partying teens nearby, just waiting to be eaten!

This hilarious, underrated horror classic is Miss McGee’s favorite horror movie of all time and has been lampooned by The Simpsons, South Park and Dora, The Explorer. (Rated R for adult language/situations, violence/gore and nudity)

POLTERGEIST -  October 30th

A typical family in a quiet suburb of California face a frightening ordeal when their home is invaded by a Poltergeist. Late one night, 10-year-old Carol Anne Freeling (Heather O'Rourke) hears a voice coming from inside the television set …”They’re here”.  At first, the spirits that invade the Freeling home seem like playful children, but then they turn vengeful. When Carol Anne is pulled from this world into another, Steve and Diane Freeling (Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams) turn to diminutive medium (Zelda Rubinstein) in this legendary chiller from director Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and producer and screenwriter Steven Spielberg.

This modern classic still holds up to repeat viewings with a stellar cast and award-winning production design and visual effects. Known as a cursed film, Poltergeist continues to make us wonder about the things that go bump in the night and is the inspiration for films like Insidious and The Conjuring. (Rated PG for adult language/situations and violence)

Rocky Horro.png


12 Hour ROCKY HORROR FILM FESTIVAL on October 31st!

Enjoy this not so scary film starting at 10AM and playing on a loop until 10PM. This film is FREE to the public, so stop by the Playhouse any time (between 10AM and 10PM) on October 31st and catch this Halloween classic. 

Film/Event is FREE. No Reservation Needed. Concessions will be open for purchase of popcorn, wine, and Coca-Cola products.